Late to live, a heartache tale

Don’t let the publishing date fool you. This poem was written around June ’14 and reformatted now to be published. I believe I showed this to one or two people back then, but it was never ‘done’. After revisiting this, I think it’s not too bad, and deserves to see the light of day. It evokes the same feelings I had writing it, and I still at times feel the same way about life, so it stood the test of time.
That being said, enjoy my heartache!

The beer is, and the cigarette.
I am, but lonely
Yet, we are.
Converging cold, heat and the warmth of the night that I embrace
Make the struggle to belong apparent.
Flickering lights and creatures wandering about
Indicative of life.
Ambient sounds, music pouring out of shade put one in a trance.
There’s light and darkness at all times, and beyond that
I’m here, there, you are.
Neither of us knows
W. H. Why…
We are all but one of us
There’s no question.
Together, alone
Fighting time
Awaiting the imaginary breeze
Wasting what could be found.
With entropy won no one
But we fool ourselves, it’s to be done.
Before the definitive comes
Could I some infinite emotions afford?
There is no life without the purpose to love.